Is Meteor js the "Golden Ticket" to building your own tech startup?

A pretty good rundown of why Meteor + Galaxy are great : -)


Wow, this is really great.

I’m using Meteor in all my products for years and that is why I joined Meteor Software (Tiny), I really believe it’s the best tool to create apps today, we talked about this in the podcast 2 weeks ago :wink:

If you haven’t listened to Meteor’s 2nd Life episode of, check it here


I like Meteor a lot and I feel quite confident using it — it’s a great product, really. But, and with all due respect, this article really feels like a promotional post.

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I think that is exactly what we need more of… promotional posts.

This write-up is great … and accurate IMO.


Hey @peterfkruger. Found this article written by a community member and thought it would be good to share. :slightly_smiling_face: