Is Meteor not for beginners anymore?

Meteor was conceived as easy framework to start for newbies but become more advanced through pivots. I think it seriously lacks something like also it had all that in the beginning though not in the form of the product. Any chances this would return? At the moment I see only very slow Meteor University project still targeted for newbies.

Another example close to JS ecosystem:

I understand that it is possible to build all that out of various parts of Meteor but it would still be a combination of often poorly maintained pieces.


Those are paid only SaaS services. I did not find any Open Source repos. How would I know how well maintained those are? Those look like lock-in.


If you are looking for complete products made with Meteor, there are for example these, where development has already taken many years:

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Sources are provided in both cases. As for maintenance, I also not very happy with them being maintained by only one person but that’s the case with many Meteor packages as well.

So where are public source code repos for and ?

The worse alternative would be, that those packages would not be maintained at all, or that there would not be source code available.

Nothing prevents you from helping with maintaining.

Now there are 2 persons including yourself :).

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I kind of still do not understand this strange system where developers maintain packages for free. I would rather pay someone to maintain the well-thought-out system or templating than wait for some free ride from fellow developer or do the same myself.

Ok, it is a sincere trade. But you need to be sincere about it. You are here writing in this forum because …developers maintain packages for free. There are many here that run successful businesses, possible a handsome number of millionaires too, that use packages maintained “for free”.
The free factor is an illusion. You may give back in other packages, in jobs you create, in clouds you pay for etc.
Put in a different light, you come to a library, it might fit your purpose but the library is old, buggy etc. You take it, fix it, update and upgrade it and then use it for what you need. You paid someone (yourself) or a colleague to do it. Then you give it back to the community.
It would be easier if you removed “free” from your development dictionary and replaced it with communal and mutual or code everywhere or just call it what it is, open source. It involves responsibility at the same level with … putting the litter at the bin or holding door for ladies or other people. We commit to that.
In Insta, people share useless selfies. Within the open source we do the same thing … just with code.



I would rather pay someone to maintain the well-thought-out system or templating than wait for some free ride from fellow developer or do the same myself.

Thanks! You can contact those maintaners you would like to pay to.

Here is how to pay for WeKan. Supporting helps continue development of WeKan. Commercial competitors can cost 500k euro per year, etc.

If I will use it and profit from it, why not )

I just quoted the entire reply because this is a very nice perspective. Thanks for sharing