Is Meteor still dependent on Blaze Template Engine? Remove gives error[SOLVED]

I have recently decided to rewrite an app of mine with React(jumping on the band wagon) as the view layer. Since I was no longer going to use Blaze in this app I tried to meteor remove blaze-html-templates to reduce the overall code base. But this threw and error and React was no longer able to render a component.

So is Meteor reliant on Blaze at this moment? I expect decoupling to come soon given the trend of how Meteor is moving.

@gusto is correct, Meteor needs a way to handle HTML, the following worked great [quote=“gusto, post:2, topic:33209”]
meteor add static-html

Did you remember to meteor add static-html? Meteor needs some way to actually deal with HTML in case you remove blaze-html-templates with its dependencies.

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Not at all! Here is a good video series to watch:

He breaks it down well, but there are a few NPM packages you will need to add.


I didn’t, I will give that ago.