Is Meteor Suitable For Junior Dev Wanting To Use React & Redux

Hi Guys,

I have been learning JS for a year now, focusing on react, redux.

My biggest motivation to get into Meteor is the full-stack’edness that it encompasses. However, after reading a few articles discussing how to hack meteor to make it work with redux, I wonder whether I am doing the right things.

My requirement is to build a website, with a forum & which is connected to my app (react, redux). And the ease of use (as per the tutorials) is a major attraction for me, followed very closely by the whole backend system including usernames, password, security etc.

My question is:
Do you recommend that given that I’d like to use react, redux, I should still jump onto Meteor?

Many thanks,

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I think Redux makes Meteor a bit harder to use because the data system doesn’t integrate into it directly. Using Meteor as the data system with React as the UI is awesome though.

Basically for each part of your app you’ll need to decide whether you want to load data via Meteor subscriptions and minimongo, or with Redux. That will increase the number of decisions you have to make, but overall should be easier than using a less powerful tool like create-react-app.

All of our internal production apps now run on Meteor + React, and some use Redux in various ways, so I can personally vouch that it’s a great way to build stuff.


thank you @sashko. One of the big pluses that I read & didnt mention in the first post is that community behind Meteor is supposedly awesome & most helpful, which is a big motivator for me.


I built an app using Meteor, React and Redux and couldn’t be happier. The website is very performant. I use Meteor methods to get data (no subscriptions). The only place I use Meteor is in action creators in Redux and then place all the data in Redux Store. Thus I get the benefits of both - full stack capability of Meteor and React on the front-end. Using Redux also reduces the need of server connections and thus reduces server load. Check out the website It went live in December.


Yep doing this approach and using Meteor pub/sub when you need realtime data in some places would give you the best of both!

How would you comunicate two components without redux? with Session?..
I am using meteor for data managment and redux for UI state only.

Redux is basically just a nicer version of a global variable so anything will do, like session, reactive var, etc.