Is meteor suitable to create a CRM like app

I want to develop a specific CRM system that will handle orders and invoices as well. I want to ask if meteor is a good choice for a that? I am between laravel and meteor.

Also I want the ask if its possible to execute php scripts from meteor. Is it possible to run an external command on the operating system via meteor?


I did make a small-ish CRM-like system in Meteor and it turned out great. While such system doesn’t need real-time updates and all that stuff, making it in Meteor speeds things up a lot - the system feels very responsive, like a real application, not a web page. Because such systems are usually complex, choose the framework you know best, though.

Meteor at its core runs on Node.js server, so it can do whatever Node can. So yes, it can execute commands on the OS. See this SO link for an example.