Is meteor the right choice?


Hello meteor

Im full stack engineer from srilanka . we receive a project concept related GPS vehicle tracking application. That company sell gps tracking devices for vehicles. Thay suppose to get items form a company and that company province a tracking detail with API

That company said the only store one month tracking data. So we have to store data our own data base.

Our customer need to give additional detail using this api data.

  • fleet management

  • vehicle tracking with map

  • data anysis

  • user levels

    • basic user
    • pro user
    • company
    • admin section
  • online chatting with customer

Basically this concept similar like

This application have absolutely large data set and we suppose to develop web application and mobile view application instead of responsive web application due to this is large application and need to drive smoothly. suppose to launch android and apple mobile app too.

Im currently work on php python and vue, react js. We really love meteor framework architecture & ecosystem. We need you experience with meteor bz you guys are genuine with meteor

Our problem

Is Meteor best for kind of application
This will contain large data sets with lot of data binding . Is it can manage with mongo and meteor

Hint ::
I read this article CEO of

He said We were pretty successful with Meteor, but the market of Meteor apps was pretty small

is this will problem in feature. but meteor rapidly growing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


Hey there. I run - I highly recommend you sign up and play for an hour.

It is a video game that is written in Meteor! I am using Three.JS for the front end rendering, with Bootstrap for UI.

In my game, each player can own up to 10 Starships, and their X, Y, ZONE and time of last activity is all tracked with a notification system.

I also run “cron jobs” every 3 seconds to regularly check data and compute resources.

Regarding your database requirements, the answer is yes. MongoDB is highly scalable and extremely fast. In my opinion it’s harder to setup than MySQL on Ubuntu… But if you have the cash to just pay a third party MongoDB supplier, even better.

So could you write your application in Meteor? Absolutely yes.

PS: I come from a PHP / MySQL background. Wordpress and Moodle.


Yes I personally think it is. With the ability to target multiple platforms, real-time API, mature ecosystem and great community, you’ll have the time to focus on the your core business needs.

This statement was regarding Kadira monitoring tool and the business around it and not Meteor specifically, and since then the monitoring tool has been released as Open Source and added to Galaxy.

Meteor today is way more mature then what it was in 2015, it’s up to date with Node, it’s open to the rest of the NPM ecosystem, it supports multiple view technologies, it supports ES6 imports, the company behind it (MDG) is not longer a startup but a mature business with multiple products and yes it can scale both in code (dynamic imports, SSR) and traffic using RedisOplog.

Articles you read in 2015 are not talking about the same tech and tooling ecosystem we’ve today and that’s why I think Meteor needs fresh blog posts, press releases and successful case studies. And hopefully your project would be one of them.

So yes, Meteor and Galaxy are a logical choice for startup and companies, unless you’ve the surplus team members with PhDs in Webpack, Redux, DevOps, real-time APIs, Cordova configurations etc. to fiddle with those technologies instead of working on your core business.

I’ve no affiliation with MDG, I’m just fan and consumer of the tech since 2015, and if anyone has any rational objections or criticism of the tech in 2017, I honestly would love to hear and discuss them.


you game app is really awsome mate. and thank you for reply. are you user any cashe server(redis or memcache) and SSR with your application


thank you mate i little bit confuse with SEO and SSR

this is 100% right.


I’m using as much speed optimization as I can get my hands on. Currently using 500mb of RAM, 3% cpu.


damm 500mb ram ??? . your app is very fast… is that enough mate…


I have 16gb allocated for use, I’m using a dedicated hosting machine. My app certainly didn’t start like this… I have been pulling my hair out on this for about 2 years.

It would appear that I could support up to… 1000 users? That would be cool. I still don’t know how fast she’ll keep up. But more optimizations come over time.

But as you see, Meteor IS a solid platform. Should you expect to build and deploy it quickly? No. You will have problems.

Is it super worth it? Yes. Absolutely.


Yes. You are here and you ask the question so it should be yes.


I created a fleet management system for E-Bikes where one part is showing all bikes on a map in real time. Probably not the size of data you have, but still, I am pretty happy with it.