Is Meteor the right framework for this


I am evaluating Meteor against Rails, PHP etc…

Meteor is a quick platform to bring about small web apps.

Considering the following possibilities, is Meteor a good fit as a backend for an IOS app having 500 K users.

  • REST API’ are exposed which are scalable to serve 2m+ requests per hour.
  • Users are authenticating through REST API exposed through Meteor.
  • Meteor is deployed on Cloud. Mango DB and REST APIs are being scaled based on load.
  • What other implications?


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A good fit is hard to advice. Have you tried to experiment and simulate with load testing? Kadira and Blitz is some of the services you can test with.

Seems like you need to build a set of REST endpoints. So, I think you should try NodeJS(with express or hapi) or something like rails.

Meteor could do the job you want, but it’s not the right tool you want.