Is meteor to be replaced by Apollo (apollographql)?

I see links to careers and culture on now re-direct to Apollo - e.g.
Is meteor to be replaced by Apollo (apollographql)? Or will meteor remain as the ‘free’, and possibly less supported, alternative?

No, they are not replacing Meteor with Apollo. They have however pivoted to Apollo being the main focus. They are still putting resources into Meteor, just substantially less than previously. I think the recent efforts to start moving the codebase to TypeScript show a large commitment to moving the framework forward in to the future for quite some time.


You can’t replace meteor with apollo because they serve different purposes. At most, you can replace the transport layer of meteor with apollo.

MDG’s focus is definitely on apollo, but I would assume that’s because meteor is already in a very good state, whereas they’re still working on monetizing apollo properly.


I am glad that MDG is having success with Apollo, I would be much more concerned if they were not having success. As long as the company exists I am hoping that they will always commit some internal resources to maintaining and improving MeteorJS. And as long as it remains a viable framework for building modern web/mobile apps then i will continue to use it and will be an active part of the community


After doing some experiments with other frameworks I came to the conclusion that Meteor is still great! And fast to build things!!! :blush: Most of the features it provides are essential to many applications. If Apollo ever should come as a replacement I strongly believe those essential features need to be integrated into Apollo to make it as complete as Meteor. And I guess this would make it just another Meteor framework with a different (though great) transportation layer :wink: I hope those two come closer together combining the best of both.