Is Mobile App Development using Meteor Not Recommended?

Else why such a simple barcode scan plugin problem, no one seems to be able to help?

Is development of hybrid mobile app using Meteor not advisable anymore?

I wouldn’t say advisable, just not many people using it and the focus being on pure web apps rather than hybrid apps. This leads to lack of guides/support and people focusing on that area in general. Progressive web apps aren’t helping either in this regard.

Hi, I use Meteor exactly because I can generate hybrids apps. I have a project this mode: (in portuguese in this moment).


I wouldn’t say that it’s not recommended, but it has be come a bit less common now with the presence of React Native. Combine that with the fact that activity on the forums has been pretty low lately and assistance in this area will be hit and miss.

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We are using it in production with many clients (Android mostly but sometimes iOS). Cordova in itself is going through some cleanups but once it works, it’s really robust.

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Using in production as well. Cordova barcode works well as well. On older version of meteor… using blaze. And material

I’m using it in production too, at - we currently have 78 Android and 103 iOS devices registered with our server. I’m using the latest vesrion of Meteor:

There’s nothing like Meteor + Codova for building fully reactive web and mobile apps from exactly the same code base. The Cordova clients can receive native push notifications from my server and can send GPS locations to my server (even when the app is in the background).

Strictly speaking native apps aren’t necessary to use our service (adding the website to homescreen works almost as well), but apps are something users expect these days so not having a native app would count against us compared to the competition. Meteor+Cordova makes that easy.

It can sometimes be difficult to find a Cordova plug-in which works and is well supported, but with a bit of perseverance you can usually make it work.

Hot Code Push is also fantastic at keeping the clients up-do-date without resubmitting to the App stores (although this is not working on some iOS devices right now).



Awesome to hear that Meteor + Cordova still has some steady users! Have you encountered any issue with relying on the hot code push to update the mobile builds?

I’ve recently faced some issues regarding cordova-splash-screen when I update my code, while not doing anything regarding the cordova plugins. (Which should mean I don’t have to create a new mobile build right?)

However, I face an issue regarding missing resource error related to an ImageView, which I can only resolve by reinstalling cordova-splash-screen plugin, switching between 4.1.0 and 5.0.2. I don’t understand why this is happening, but it’s preventing me from taking advantage of hot code push. My mobile builds get stuck at my loading screen, and then I have to prepare a new build everytime :frowning:

Any thoughts?

Personally I don’t have issue with Hotcode Push.

Using it for our Employee-focused internal app:

We are about to start our consumer app this coming January.

We were able to do majority of what we are planning to do. The only remaining issue is the Hot Code Push in iOS:

Supposedly to be fixed for Meteor 1.8.1:

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I almost wanted to ask the same question.

I’m about to start two new projects for different clients targeted at mobile devices with Meteor.

I’m a bit weary about the prospect in a few year’s time. @rjdavid I’m kinda encouraged by your response.

But one thing I’m really dying to get right is the sliding nav menu. The one I currently have on this app is clunky on some pages but smooth on others

HCP is fixed in 1.8.1-beta.14

For UI and navigations, we are using Onsen UI. Ionic 4 which is released last week looks something we wanted to move into

It sure is. I built my apps for my startup dabl3 uding meteor. Now shelved… but had complex logic and barcode scanning as well. Used blaze and on meteor 1.4