Is mup dead? (deployment)


I wish I had seen the light earlier. I QUIT Meteor because I was trying to self host. That Ubuntu Passenger server is now deleted, as well as all my PHP and Wordpress projects. I am on Meteor and love it.

My first bill was $28 USD for like, 20 hits a day, for one month. Pretty steep, but in all honesty, it’s niche, and CRITICAL. I’m happy to pay it.

Long live Meteor. Long live Galaxy. Long live the Empire.


Lately I have been using Typeloy without any pain. It is a rewrite and updated version of Mup.

Might be an interesting alternative for some.


Folks, this is an outdated thread with an outdated title, the mup fork is well maintained and is working very well for us.

I think it’s better to create a new post under deployment then bump a one year old thread with a provocative and outdated title. Perhaps this thread can be closed.


Will this map lib work with meteor 1.5? Also is it based off docker? I’m looking for a version that doesn’t rely on docker.


I’m on 1.5 and it’s working fine but it’s using ‘abernix/meteord:base’ docker base image.


Yes, this thread is dead now. Zodern mup is maintained and works well. A
good alternative to galaxy hosting and far cheaper if you don’t have devops
to pay for or worry about.


Is anyone maintaining a non-dockerized version of mup that works with 1.5? @M4v3R, how about you, have you updated your version of mup to work with 1.5, and can we turn on Issues on your version:


I was able to get Meteor 1.5 deployed with (non-dockerized), just updateing the Node version.


An update, Meteor up Classic is a non-dockerized version of mup that works with 1.5:

Look at the 1.5 branch.


Why would one not go with the most up to date zodern dockerised version
(also you now need 1.6 support)?


Because I have a requirement where I need access to the underlying file system with many large template files and external executables. I have yet to be able to create a docker setup that I can use that meets this requirement.


MUP has died and reincarnated many times now and it feels like the latest (?) incarnation is drawing it’s last breaths.

To me it feels like the functionality of MUP is pretty vital to Meteor since “manual” deploy is far from straightforward and require skills that is not necessarily found in developers.

I have no real suggestions, I understand very well that just because someone developed something one day that person cannot be held responsible for making it work forever. Specially since we only “pay” by adding issues and requests.

But I do think that the deploy issue should be taken seriously. Maybe tools that does less than MUP but is more flexible and easier to customize? Separate tools for bundle deploy, mongodb connection and nginx integration?

Just throwing ideas out because I believe this is a recurring problem that deserves to be looked at and discussed again.


I honestly just manage my deployments myself.

Use meteor build to make your app bundle, then write a simple Bash or Upstart script to unzip it, install deps, and run the app.

Meteor has had some docs covering this for some time…

Once you’re comfy with that, and you wanna get fancy, you can install and configure Nginx to load balance multiple node apps and handle SSL termination.


Has MUP stopped working for people? Zodern version seems to do the trick
and Meteor hasn’t updated to break this is a while.



I’m still using MUPc (No docker, direct decedent of the original) for my Meteor 1.5 projects to an AWS EC2 instance (Linux) without issues. I’m sure I’ll need to update a few things to make this work with Meteor 1.6.

@Leosco, I’d really like to see your process from start to finish as I’ve been meaning to doing this all by hand someday. Maybe we can do a skype or google hangouts call where you can walk me through it?


How did you come to this strange conclusion?! I am using the new mup successfully, it’s very stable and reliable and was just recently extended by a pretty neat load-balancing extension based on AWS Beanstalk.

The new mup even handles letsencrypt SSL certificates in the background, which is a huge timesaver.

I really like what @zodern is doing here!


Mainly because it is quite a while since any issues got any attention from the dev’s although it is since quite a long time necessary to manually change the docker image. Considering maybe half of the issues are a result of that, I’d imagine at least simple update of the readme would be in order.

I might be overly pessimistic because of the incarnations that has failed to keep up with the development of meteor and npm

No doubt zodern have been doing a great job, but as many of us know - there always come a time when we move on.


I kinda have to agree on this. Mup ( is beautifully documented, but it was pain to get running for a simple app we were trying to deploy. Quite a few breaking issues esp when working with a remote Mongo setup (selfhosted), and the nginx setup for lets encrypt just didnt work well for me.

I ended up using PM2-Meteor ( which while not containerised does the job very well, especially when running behind Caddy as the HTTP SSL proxy.


I’ve been using it for 2 years, the development is very active and never had any issues personally. It’s very easy to deploy and I’d guess it’s true for the majority around here given that it’s been supported by the community for long time now.


I’ve got a gist with a simple Nginx template. Feel free to use it, it still works.

Sorry for the extremely late response!