Is node-simple-schema maintained?

Meteor docs recommend using node simple schema but there appears to be a number of bugs especially with arrays of objects. I noticed there are a number of issues that no one is responding to. Does anyone know the status here? If it’s not being maintained what should we use?

Are you talking about the atmosphere package aldeed:simple-schema or the npm package simpl-schema?

The atmosphere package is deprecated in favour of the npm one, which got it’s last update a month ago. So still pretty active.

Yep. The npm version is the one I was referring to. Does aldeed receive support from the meteor team?
The array of objects issue is really frustrating. By the looks of things a few people have posted questions and issues without responses hence why I was asking about maintenance.

Yes there is some level of maintenance happening. Like any open source project maintainer though, aldeed struggles to find the time between paid work to work on the large number of super useful packages that he has created.