Is NPM package support 100%?

I’m wondering if anyone else is having any issues with NPM packages support within meteor. I have started to switch over to full npm packages over meteor atmosphere packages but every couple packages I run into wired issues.

For example if I install bootstrap from NPM and do the correct imports everything is fine expect the fonts. If I uninstall the NMP package and go back to the atmosphere package no problem. I checked on StackOverflow and this seems to be a known issue. Here the bug that I opened.

I wanted to know if anyone else is running into these kind of issues or is this very low use case. If the goal is to move over to NPM packages and it seems like atmosphere packages are pretty much dying off. How well does NPM packages work with meteor. I have only run into small issues but I wonder if there are bigger one.

One limitation we have run into is lack of support for AMD modules (initially part of the 1.3 milestone but deprioritized somewhere along the way)