Is react in meteor mature enough to be easily used in production projects? 😄


I am going to make a cooperation system, like trello+slack ,I will use meteor, but I is hesitant blaze and react,Thinking react is the future, but do not know now in the meteor use it will not be so much trouble?


There are multiple people already using React + Meteor for writing many/all of their apps. Sashko, one of the core devs behind the official React integration, is one of those, as he recently stated.

From what I can gather you’re safe to use React with Meteor. The integration and the guides seem very complete and stable, though “mature” is a word I wouldn’t use in this context since usually that implies that a certain longer period of time has passed, which in this case is indeed rather short.
But in this case it’s the coming together of two really solid tools and the integration seems to have been natural and not a huge deal (though I don’t know and wouldn’t want to downplay any accomplishments and challenges along the way) – and so there is much less risk and initial friction than if we were talking about completely or relatively new underlying tools.



Thank you so fast reply,the reason I ask is because I think Meteor+React in the future will be a nice combination, just based on my own ability, if i get a problem, i can not from the underlying to solve it, only rely on existing solutions, so for the novice, really need the risk of serious consideration, but if people do react with the complete app,i think i will try it too,and where I can find apps use Meteor+React?