Is reactive notifications a Performance hit if the number of connected clients are really high?

I just wanna get a clarification that if I have 100000 clients connected to my application and if some user modifies the content say in TodoApp, if a user modifies the list, pushing the notifications to all the clients will make any performance impact?

How MiniMongo manages such a huge traffic?

The performance implications rely on a lot of factors besides Meteor itself - hosting, your implementation etc.

That being said, pushing notifications are expensive traffic due to their frequency. Are you talking about concurrent or total users?

Meteors model for reactivity isn’t favoring scalability as a #1 priority, but it most definitely can be scaled in the right environment. It all depends on the particulars of your application

Thanks for the reply, I’m concerned about the concurrent users accessing the client. So as per your comment, with a proper environment it wouldn’t be an issue even the number of concurrent users are high.

Can we say Meteor’s Galaxy would be an appropriate hosting environment for Meteor applications, or do you have any better suggestions?

Well, they made it, and I’ve heard a lot of praise so… :smile: I’ve only ever used Digital Ocean with and MUP, and it’s been great. I only want Galaxy to contribute to Meteor, it’s not like I actually feel like I need it.

The cheap developer edition of Galaxy will be out soon anyways, and there’s already a sign up for it

I think you should use * free hosting, until you feel like you have something ready for a lot of users :wink:

Yeah Thanks, I’m using the * only, but thought of asking a general question on scaling!

Sure - there’s a nice story [here] ( about scaling Meteor :wink: