Is rebuild time faster in current 1.3 version than in 1.1?

I’m running the beta of my production app on Meteor 1.1. I didn’t go to 1.2 when it was released because I was in the middle of development and didn’t want to suffer those notorious build time slowdowns that were introduced with it.
Now I don’t wish to allocate time to transitioning to 1.3 until at least I’m out of beta.

Can anyone share their feeling if 1.3 is at least at the same level on rebuild\refreshes as 1.1 was? I’m on Windows.

This is a really tricky one to answer without knowing more about your application (its size, complexity, number of packages used, etc.). In my case all of the applications I’ve migrated to 1.3.x build quicker, but I know this isn’t the case for everyone (especially for Windows users). Your best bet is to just give is a shot and see.

For more info, check out the ever growing issue thread here:

Yeah, that’s a notorious thread…