Is the appcache package needed/recommended in Meteor Cordova Apps?


Does anybody have experience with this? I remember there were problems with infinite reloads using appcache?


I haven’t had any problems with infinite reloads in my cordova application with appcache. The only minor annoyance is having to some of the meteor accounts url’s (e.g. the url that meteor sends via its resetPassword email) because of the prepending hashbang that appcache puts in front of all routes once you install it. You may also need to edit oauth callback urls, like facebook, google etc if you use those in your app.


What about the “recommended” part?

I removed it (it caused hashbang bugs), but my Cordova app seems to still run offline.


Yeah, all assets are stored on the device, so your app is still available when the device is offline. The only thing you have to care about is the data, f.e. if a user have opened chats and he want’s to read them when he is offline. Here you should use Ground:DB to store collection data offline.