Is the (Blaze) templating package no longer part of a default meteor app?

I was demoing Meteor to a colleague, and created a Blaze template, only to be greeted by the following error: ReferenceError: Template is not defined

I had to install the templating package to get things up and running again.

Have Blaze templates been dropped from the meteor default app?

If so, is the templating package the only one needed to get things back to the previous default app state ? Or are other packages needed?

I thought this was only something being discussed and had not actually happened.

This has happened:

No I don’t think this is correct. Every new meteor app comes with he “blaze-html-templates” package, which includes the template compiler and blaze. You must have run into a different problem.

Ok, thanks. No idea what happened, but good to know that the issue was most likely on my end. :blush:

You ran client side code on the server side. The same happened to me, under the same circumstances, and with me reaching the same initial conclusion!


Yeah, perhaps accessing Template on the server should print some nice warning.

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