Is the check package actually useful?

I’m starting my second meteor project and have just found myself removing the check package again as I find it both annoying and buggy.

For instance I did the following:

Meteor.methods({ foo: function(bar) {
    check(bar, Match.Any);

I confirmed foo was only receiving 1 argument yet I was still getting a Error: Did not check() all arguments during call to 'foo'.

The only other place so far I had used the check method call I was forced into checking that the values passed were strings (one is a date string) so it seems quite pointless in general and annoying. Am I missing something?

I can not reproduce this. How are you calling your method foo?

well, it is not default behaviour of “check” package.
So you are probably enforcing that check all arguments policy somewhere else.

And there can be other packages messing with it too.

You could also not use audit-argument-checks and just use check on its own if you want to. I feel like it still helps me a lot.