Is the Galaxy temporary storage 512mb limit the maximum uploaded file size possible?

Hi all,

I’m building a Meteor app that will allow users to upload files to the server. These files will be uploaded first to Galaxy temporary storage then moved to AWS S3 and finally deleted from Galaxy temp storage.

So I was wondering…

What happen when the user tries to upload a file which size is greater than the Galaxy temporary storage limit (512mb)? Should it be uploaded directly to S3 from the client?

And what happens when the Galaxy app goes down or is redeployed and there are some files in the temp storage which were being uploaded to S3? Do these files persist when the app is restored?


I’d really strongly recommend uploading direct to S3, apart from taking load off of your server, it is generally more reliable and faster for the end user. You can use slingshot for this, and can enable AWS’ transfer acceleration too (I’ve not found it improves upload speeds dramatically)

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