Is the Meteor forum one of the most active communities in the field?


I went to stackoverflow and checked the latest questions regarding to Node.js and it looked so that there are not so many viewers for new Node.js tags in stackoverflow. I went around the web and I felt that Meteor forum is notable active in the field and this forum might be the most active in sharing information between developers. Do you feel so as well?


Don’t know if it’s the most active but it is one of my fav aspects of Meteor :smile:



How would I know? I’m not on the other forums :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the thing here vs SO that is nice is that it’s easier to get a dialogue going about an issue, without catering to the sometimes odd posting history reqs for SO. Plus, there are discussions about meta, etc. that don’t necessarily apply to just one problem/issue.

Love the forums!


I looked around and this might be one of he most active forums about JavaScript development on the web!


@sashko Yes, it looks so. Providing the support and dialogue via a forum might help things to get really big some day (even you are already top #1 in github framework showcases) as some players in the field are always worried about how long lasting technology and their support are.