Is the React example on broken because of ReactDOM?

I got to step 3 and get an error in the console.

Warning: React.render is deprecated. Please use ReactDOM.render from require('react-dom') instead.

Does the getting started example need to be updated? Pretty new to both react and meteor. Thanks.

Yes. Current version of React that Meteor uses is 0.14 .1 . The tutorial was made using .12 I think. Instead of this ,

Change into this ,

@lawwantsin also I will advise reading on the official Meteor-react guide :

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It’s true that the change does not have a large impact when you know what to do. I’m a newbie trying to learn both React and Meteor at the same time and I got tripped up by this as well. I spent over an hour looking for a typo that I assumed I made before figuring out that this was the cause. (No, I didn’t immediately look at the console for messages – of course I should have done that sooner.)

Nevertheless, it’s us newbies who are following a tutorial like this and we won’t know immediately that this is a simple fix.

Anyhow, thanks to all who have created these great tools. They are amazing!