Is the useraccounts package still being maintained?

In my endeavour to transform my Blaze app to React, I stumbled upon quite some troubles regarding routing. One of them is that the wonderful useraccounts packages do not support React yet. There are quite some issues in the repo asking for support (pending for months), but no-one answered to them.

So I am wondering if these packages are still being maintained? I found a kind of replacement package (std:accounts-ui), but this doesn’t support all of the options of useraccounts.

Useraccounts sucks, always has. Why stray from core accounts, which must obviously work all the time.

Well, let me reply with the response just below that post :wink:

Well, when I started learning Meteor, it made things much easier, since it had pre-configured templates for all relevant use-cases. But I agree, the package kinda sucks, it was quite hard to set-up and configure (still got problems with it when it gets to user feedback on errors), and it doesn’t seem to be actively maintained.

When it was…it was prone to breakage.