Is there a good example such as RealWorld example app for Meteor?

I was sad to see the link here for what is listed as a ‘Work In Progress’ Meteor version of this project is presumably not so anymore :frowning:

Don’t suppose the Node / Express version would be much help trying to envision what a Meteor version of the demo might actually look like either, correct? Can anyone recommend a similar sort of resource that may be a good reference for a well structured starting Meteor app?


MeteorJS is awesome. It works with react, vue, angular, blaze… then there’s no single example app can cover all of them.

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Did you click the link and have a look at the breadth of technologies that they’ve assembled into interoperable backend/frontend options all sharing a common API spec?

The short answer is no. You’re probably not going to find something that comprehensive for Meteor. There is a nice set of example apps that you can get started with by running meteor create --example <example name>

To see a full set of example apps you can use meteor create --list

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Thanks for the feedback!

Am I correct in assuming that React, Vue, Angular, and Blaze are not the only frontend options with Meteor as well? Or are those the only ‘officially’ supported ones presently? Am curious about the possibility of using Ioinic 4 native components with Meteor as well, for example.

It sounds like the implication is that a RealWorld example in Meteor would not make as much sense from the frontend side at least, due to the number of possible permutations, which is understandable. How about for the backend though, seems like that would still be possible? It would be great to see Meteor represented somewhere at least in this great demo platform. I realize that is no small endeavor though…

Look at the source of Wekan, Rocketchat, Telescope etc.

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