Is there a maintained admin panel for meteor 1.6


Hi guys, I couldn’t find any admin panel that works with the latest version of meteor. Does anybody know one that works without problems with meteor 1.6


What are you looking for in an admin panel?

If you just want to edit, insert and remove docs, use a mongo client like robomongo.
If you want to do the above in app, in development mode, try the mongol package.
If you want something like django admin panel, you gotta do that yourself. As Meteor is getting more and more agnostic-everything, having a package that makes a lot of assumptions is less valuable than before, which is why you don’t see maintained “full-house” admin panels anymore.


This might be what you’re looking for


Hi msavin
1- gumroad does not accept payments from lebanon (my location) so I can’t buy ur package (I have emailed you regarding the situation but you didn’t respond ??!)
2-I don’t know blaz, I know react and angular and I don’t want to learn another framework just to use ur admin panel


Hi jorgeer

yes something like django admin.
but sadly I don’t have time to implement it .


Yeah, few people do. Especially when you have several options of view framework, schema validation, etc. You wouldn’t want a vue admin panel if you used react yourself, which used Astronomy instead of SimpleSchema.


Hi - where did you send the email to? I did not get one, and I checked spam as well. My current email is its at