Is there a manual way of telling spiderable to consider the page "ready"?


In my most recent app I’m using methods to fetch data from the server for my templates rather than subscriptions, and (I think?) this confuses the Spiderable package which don’t seem to understand when the consider the page ready to render. The fetching of the data are in some cases bound to the templates in their onCreated callback.

So my question is: is there some kind of manual way of telling the spiderable package that all methods/subs are done and all templates have finished loading?

(For routing I’m using the flow router if that’s of any importance.)


You can create a publication where you won’t actually publish anything, you’ll only call Meteor._sleepForMs to delay subscription. This is too hacky though.


Yeah, I had that idea as well but as you mention it would be quite hacky.

Would be so nice with just a general method to call when the app has finished loading it’s intended state for the route!