Is there a package for Rails-like CRUD scaffolding?


With one-to-many and all.


You get a lot of CRUD scaffolding with autoForm. Also see
Use it with simpleSchema and you get a lot of validation scaffolding too.

one-to-many included, if your 1-m model is a doc with an array.


Yes, but not Rails style. You have to define your schema.


Are you talking about Active Record? Don’t you still have to define your model and adhere to string table naming conventions for the mapping to work?

Meteor has a philosophically different approach to application development. I see a lot of people trying to adapt Meteor and Mongodb into something more familiar, but I you’d get better mileage by really learning to think in the Meteor way.

Rails would also have you making a lot of AJAX calls to an API to get data, and storing that somewhere (such as HTML5 cache or a backbone collection) which is one way to do things, but you wouldn’t really be taking advantage of the best parts of Meteor.


never used it but came across this:

btw you can use autoForm without simpleSchema.


If you don’t like writing schema out (I don’t), you can generate your schema using the constellation:schema package. Then you can use autoform from there.

Here’s a 3-minute video here showing how to do that.


Old post I know… but you could try npm install -g maka-cli.

Create or init a project and then type maka g:api Todos

It’ll scaffold out the api, and then just edit the /imports/api/Todos/api.js file and uncomment the last line. Full CRUD for TODOS in a restful fashion. There’s also stubs for methods and publications.