Is there a proper document or tutorial for writing isopack style package?

I have no problem writing some preprocessing packages with the standard method:

meteor create --package my:package

However when I look into some of the official/mature packages like coffeescript, the structure is very different. Say the package.js file is empty and all the same comment. They also have isopach.json, unipackage.json etc… Is there a tool or boilerplate for such structure?

I search the web for quite some time and didn’t find proper document or tutorial about this kind of package.

How should I proceed? Many thanks!

What you’re looking at is the built format of the package. It’s converted to that when you publish. You can see the original code for the coffeescript package here:

This is one of the ways in which Meteor packages are different from something like NPM: they are pre-compiled before you download them.

Oh I see. Thanks for clearing up my concept :smile: