Is there a stable package for user roles?

Hi guys,

is there a stable package for managing user-roles? With “roles” I mean to assign a selection of permissions to a role and than assign those role(s) to users.

I am aware of the popular alanning:roles. As far as I understand alanning:roles is a flat solution where a user can be assigned an array of permissions, but there is no way to implement a traditional “role” as a collection of permissions.

Those are the functions I am searching for:

  • create roles that contain a selection of individual permissions (1 role can have m permissions)
  • assign roles to users (1 user can have m roles)
  • assign additional individual single rights to users (1 user can have m permissions - in addition to the roles he owns)

Is there a stable package that you can recon?

Looks good. I can’t vouch for stable but it has some activity from the dev which suggests they are still around.

To answer your question from our github discussion: “perak:user-roles” allows you to add multiple roles to user object, but it doesn’t work in n:m manner (no way to specify permissions and add m permissions to role).

(This package is used by meteor-kitchen)

Permissions for each role (access to pages and read/write collections) are defined design-time (canot be changed run-time). You can add/remove roles to user run-time.