Is there a way to add <head> elements before application's js and css

I want to add some cdn scripts in the head but I need them to be loaded before the main script of my meteor application.

When I try this with the static-html package the <script> blocks are rendered after the applications js in the head.

Does anyone have an idea how to render them before?

Thanks in advance

Just in case someone has the same issue

One way to do it is overwriting the boilerplate-generator and adjust its boilerplate_web.cordova.html by moving up the {{{head}}} statement

But I don’t know if I break something by doing that :wink:

Isn’t it a better idea to just wait for the external script to be loaded before you execute the code which depends on it?

In my case it is angular and my application code has a lot of angular.module(…) and so on, I could wrap everything in Metoer.startup but I think I will also slow down the process, wouldn’t it?

Sorry not deep enough knowledge of Angular. Just in general I would not assume that elements are in the html file at the top. I would try to wait like a subscription for it to become reactively available. There is no slowdown because it can start when it’s ready. Thing is you needs some kind of loaded event / reactivity to attach your code in.

See last example here:

This seems like a quite clean implementation of waiting until something is loaded:

mplate.listing.onRendered(function () {
  var template = this;

  template.subscribe('listOfThings', function () {
    // Wait for the data to load using the callback
    Tracker.afterFlush(function () {
      // Use Tracker.afterFlush to wait for the UI to re-render
      // then use highlight.js to highlight a code snippet