Is there a way to determine package sizes?

As an app gets built out we keep adding packages. That’s fine. Often it is well worth it. However, sometimes it is useful to try and figure out the cost/weight/size of those packages to determine is another option is better.

Is there an easy way to do this?

You could just measure your production JS file size before and after adding the package - I bet it would be simple to write a script to do this.

You can run Meteor simulating production mode with the --production flag, to see the size of the JS after it has been minified and compressed.

If you just care about size on the client, open up the network tab in chrome & refresh. That’ll show you not only size, but is a decent heuristic on how long it’ll take to load. I’ve definitely used this technique to decide if it’s worth it to go bespoke.

Thanks guys. Good suggestions. I’ll give those a try.