Is there a way to import settings into the settings.json file on first load?


What I’d like to do on the first load of my app is, ask the user some questions. The answers they provide will be used to set the organization information that appears throughout the app instance and conduct app activities.

For instance when the app loads the first time I’ll ask; “What is your organization name?”, “What is your organizations phone number?”, “What is your Stripe secret key” and more questions like these. I’ll then use that information to populate receipts and contact information that appears throughout this app instance and more.

Normally I’d use the settings.json file to populate this information and make it easy to drop in these pieces from anywhere in the app. I don’t expect that the user even knows how to use Meteor and so I don’t want to use the settings.json file.


Sounds like a use for a collection. If the user doesn’t have an entry in the collection then run the process to capture that info from them. Then you can store it in the collection and use it wherever.


Thanks. Yea, I thought that might be the answer, just wasn’t sure if someone wrote a smart package or there was a trick to making this specific use case easier. Collections are great, but calling the Meteor.settings takes care of security and can be used anywhere without a great deal of effort.