Is there a way to integerate with Meteor?

Is there a way to do that? I could build a blog fromscratch, obviously, but Since Meteor is not the best framwwork to build it, maybe I could integerate Ghost and have what they offer as far as SEO is concerned. And for the other parts of the project, I could use Meteor. Can it be done, and is it viable?

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There is an old package. It simply uses the npm package of ghost. Take the meteor package as an example and built your own (you dont even need to publish it to atmosphere). If you need help doing that, just let me know :slight_smile:

@jhuenges Please share with me how can I do it?

Remember that Meteor is for apps, not static websites (i.e. data on the wire). Why would you need to use Meteor for that? Ghost is great by itself for blogs.

I have to agree with @ramez. Meteor might not be the best solution for a static blog. Can you explain what you would need it for? Maybe there is a better solution for what you want to do.

You could always connect Meteor to the Ghost database to share some kind of data. It would probably be best to run your Meteor app and Ghost app separately.

It’s good by itself but not complete so I thought that if I get ghost to work with meteor then I can benefits from Meteor packages to add new features which ghost don’t offer, like: email newsletter, add related posts at the end of the page, adding support for more private statistic platform other than Google Analytic… etc.

How about Wordpress? Or any other static solution?

@MJO, from experience I don’t think this will work. They are two different ecosystems.

If you need those features in Ghost, better to add them there - or rent them from a service (email newsletter)

I think I’ll reconsider Wordpress, thanks

You’re right, I guess npm packages will be a better decision

@MJO If you’re still trying to figure out how to get WordPress or Ghost to play nice with Meteor, you should check out ButterCMS.

I just wrote a blog post on how to build a CMS-powered blog with Meteor and ButterCMS. This gives you a production-ready blog with a CMS for authors, similar to WordPress. In your Meteor app you can use whatever view layer you like (React, Blaze, etc). ButterCMS is a paid service but it’s free for personal websites/blogs.

Full disclosure: I’m a developer at ButterCMS.

Is there any way to get this ButterCMS, the Full CMS without the API? You mentioned

it’s free for personal websites/blogs

But how exactly do I get it for free and install it?

Good day.

To sign-up go to their website - ; on the website you will see links to sign-up for free.

Also, I would go to their github for the latest way to setup Butter CMS on Meteor - .

Good luck!