Is there a way to look into my mongoDB when using the free deploy option

HI everyone Im new here, new Meteor developer. im using the free option to do some testing on the Galaxy server. is there a way to access the MongoDB directly either from a browser console or by doing a remote login thru the terminal and see what is happening in the DB?

thank you all in advance.


If you have a local mongodb install, ideally of the same version as your Galaxy server, you can use the console of your local installation to connect to the remote db. Likewise, you can install MongoDB Compass as a desktop application.

how do i structure the connection string? i have tried

that doesn’t seem to work, what am i messing.

i am using the mongodb compass tool

mongo -u your-username -p your-pw --authenticationDatabase your-auth-database --host your-host

thank you! hopefully ill hvae it working shortly

@peterfkruger have you tried connecting from Compass to Galaxy hosted MongoDB?
What does the connection string look like?
The connection string in app settings on galaxy hosting does not appear to work for me.

Using: mongodb://,

hi i just tried this it did not connect. how do you know what the correct numbers for the clusters are ie where did you get the 38726 and 38727m and is the built in mongo db always at port 27017.

the string i used is as follows.


also is there documentation some where that explains how this works and how the string should be written?

im using the free set up for some testing, im using the following to start stuff up:

meteor deploy my-app --free --mongo --settings settings.json