Is there a way to manually make Meteor watch a file?

I’m trying to make a build plugin that handles webpack configs by running Webpack in watch mode. Whenever webpack rebuilds the bundle, calling inputFile.addJavaScript in the compile plugin does nothing, unsurprisingly. And since only the webpack config file, which hasn’t changed, is being watched, Meteor doesn’t incorporate the new output bundle. Is there a way to make Meteor watch that file, or better yet, just tell it to replace the last output for the file?

EDIT: I didn’t realize until now that the latest version of Meteor supports ES6. However, I read that import and export are still not supported…but by using Webpack, I can have it all now.

My miraculous hack for now is to just add or remove a comment to/from the webpack config file whenever webpack’s watcher detects something has changed

You can basically use node, just watch the file manually or make a package that wraps an NPM package

@corvid ah, sorry, I didn’t explain myself well. What I mean is, is there a way to manually trigger a Meteor rebuild of a certain source file? Like how it automatically rebuilds and restarts the server or refreshes the browser upon most source file changes?