Is there a way to replace only 'modules' package?

Hi, I want to replace only the core modules package to be able to modify css.js file. Is there a simple way to do this? I can’t just remove it by: meteor remove modules because ecmascript impies it.

I mean I want to write a similar package. I don’t want to use local /packages folder.(It works that way).

I think your only option then is to ship a modified ecmascript too.

yeah, I was afraid of that :confused:
I don’t get it, why this is a separated package if I can’t replace it :wink:

It’s separated so that you can use modules without ecmascript, I don’t think we considered the other way around!

Looks like this PR may be the ticket.

Ok, I understand, I just needed it to experiment :wink: So this is not so important for me, but still, it would be nice if we could replace it. The package hasn’t much logic to replace, but it occurs that css.js file was quite interesting for me: Another way to use CSS Modules in Meteor with React :wink:

It’s the totally wrong way to do it, but since that file is loaded on the client, you could swap it out with a hack like I did here.

Obviously the right way is to figure out what API we need from Meteor to create packages like this and work with them to make it happen :slight_smile:

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