Is there a way to use Meteor + Mocha in WebStorm?

I think a lot of people are using WebStorm’s IDE for Meteor development. I wanted to run the Mocha tests in WebStorm directly but it seems that the documentation (see only works for nodejs code but not for Meteor code.

I immediately run into problems with my import statements.

Has anyone managed to get Mocha & Meteor to run directly in WebStorm?

Thanks in advance,


Interesting one. I’m using Webstorm and mocha, but not the webstorm test stuff… Happy to read some stuff about it.

I love how well it’s integrated, especially also with code coverage. So I hope someone has found a way to use it directly in WebStorm. Running tests just for those files that were changed (via --watch option) automatically or deciding to run specific tests is very easy in WebStorm.

Please note that my tests are running in WebStorm, following the Meteor guide, creating a configuration for it. But the output isn’t as pretty as I want it and using the IDE has more features (as mentioned above).

If you have trouble to get it running in the first place, this is a help (though debug port is now deprecated):