Is there an Apollo / GraphQL admin or auto form for React?

What is the best way to derive an admin like yogiben:admin for React from your GraphQL schemas?


Currently the closest thing that exists is GraphiQL:

It lets you do a lot of the things you would expect from an admin panel, like fetch data, make mutations, etc.

But I can imagine a version of graphiql that had a more “static” UI, with a predefined set of queries, mutations, etc, that let you manage your data more easily.

You could be the first to build it! Any ideas for what it should do?

Would love to see a library that takes graphql schemas and builds and autoform for them. This is the main reason I’m still using autoform + simple schema is just for that functionality–it saves so much time!


I think that should be really easy, since every GraphQL mutation declares its arguments/types, and they can even have descriptions!

Maybe give it a shot?

first try

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