Is there an easy and ethical way to edit DB records of a user?


I’m planning to launch an MVP next week, which is supposed to be very basic. One side of the offered service will be done 100% manually, meaning I will only track half of the information in the system, once things go manual we’ll just send emails manually to the purchaser.

I would like to be able to insert the data and relate it to specific users after testing out the idea though, so I can automate and optimize the entire process -> and feed the old manual data into the system for the users to view.

I have two questions:

  1. It seems to me it’s not very much appreciated to access a customer’s database manually and edit stuff (privacy concerns I guess?), so the first question is: Is it ok to edit a customer’s database entries manually?

  2. What is the easiest way to edit the database directly without having to write methods to insert it? Is there a good tool which I can use to just open a collection and insert whatever data I want to insert?


Does each customer of your app have their own database? Or is the app you’re building part of a contract for some customer? Just curious since that part wasn’t clear from the OP.


It’s one database for all users. Sorry, should have phrased it access the customer’s data manually.


It sounds like you should just use, then you’d have access to their online dashboard that lets you edit data and run queries on your db.


If you need to host a paid database, Compose actually has a pretty good collection editing tool built in. Otherwise, I’d just go with one of the Mongo GUIs. I personally like Robomongo