Is there an OAuth2 authorization server for Meteor?

I may have a need for an OAuth2 authorization server for Meteor. By that I mean, I am looking for the functionality that allows users of a Meteor app to delegate their account privileges to a third-party service.

Does such a thing exist already? Is there unannounced work in progress?

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So? It’s beginning to seem like there is not, no?

I don’t believe this exists for meteor specifically but there are packages for nodejs.

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Yes. My idea is to evaluate the options available and then make a Meteor package out of which ever seems to offer the best mix of features, collaborative activity, code, quality, etc.

I’d need to get a solid idea of the scope of work it requires, however. If it means reinventing user management in Meteor, I may not be up to the task.

I am searching for a solution as well. Do you think it needs reinventing user management? I think it would just be an additional service.

I do not have an answer to that yet, I am sorry to say (pressures of life, tax man, etc, etc. grrrr), but it is high priority.

+1, soon or later I’ll need this in my project either.
It’s not a priority for me now, but once it turns to be, I’ll do a further investigation.


Have you started on this? We will be working on creating such a package for Rocket.Chat next week.

Should we join forces?



Where is the advantage of building this yourself in Meteor? Since it’s url based technology should not directly be relevant for the connecting parties. Isn’t there a good standard solution available for this like things mentioned here ?

We will not built from scratch, but wrap something like into a Meteor package.

Aha ok, yes that sounds like a pragmatic solution!

I work for Prime8Consulting. We just published a couple oauth2 meteor packages based on node-oauth2-server. It lots of documentation and example applications that demonstrate how it works.

Check it out! We’re excited to get feedback.