Is there any Appointment Booking Calendar package for Meteor?


hi everyone, I’m a beginner in Meteor. recently I’m looking for the Meteor package to make a online appointment booking system or a online Reservation system.
similar as this WordPress Plugin

I’ve been looking for everywhere but still don’t have any luck. I’ve also thought about build one myself, but due to the lack of knowledge i don’t think I will be able to make that happen in the near future. so if anyone knows about such package please let me know. thank you guys very much in advance


There’s no package except for

but take a look at this (previously slipcal)
Built with meteor

I believe he made his own version of the


I’m working on one right now. I’m using full calendar to handle the date and time selection. I spent a lot of time researching possible plugins etc. so I’m pretty sure you wont find anything totally satisfactory.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to try and help.


After looking at the code, this WordPress plugin is build on YUI.
There are 3 packages with YUI, you can try kylemit:yui

meteor add kylemit:yui
meteor npm install --save yui

which seems to be the latest wrapper with YUI 3.18.0 (current version of YUI is 3.18.1).
Trying something with this example


:frowning: got a nice Error: process.binding is not supported ! with this code :


import { Template } from 'meteor/templating';
import { ReactiveVar } from 'meteor/reactive-var';
import { YUI } from 'yui';

import './main.html';

Template.calendar.onCreated(function helloOnCreated() {
    YUI().use('calendar', 'datatype-date', 'cssbutton',  function(Y) {
       var calendar = new Y.Calendar({
        contentBox: "#mycalendar",
        showPrevMonth: true,
        showNextMonth: true,
        date: new Date()}).render();
    var dtdate = Y.DataType.Date;

        calendar.on("selectionChange", function (ev) {
          var newDate = ev.newSelection[0];
        });"#togglePrevMonth").on('click', function (ev) {
          calendar.set('showPrevMonth', !(calendar.get("showPrevMonth")));
        });"#toggleNextMonth").on('click', function (ev) {
          calendar.set('showNextMonth', !(calendar.get("showNextMonth")));


  <h1>Welcome to YUI Calendar !</h1>
  {{> calendar}}

<template name="calendar">
  <div id="demo" class="yui3-skin-sam yui3-g"> <!-- You need this skin class -->

    <div id="leftcolumn" class="yui3-u">
       <!-- Container for the calendar -->
       <div id="mycalendar"></div>
    <div id="rightcolumn" class="yui3-u">
     <div id="links" style="padding-left:20px;">
        <!-- The buttons are created simply by assigning the correct CSS class -->
        <button id="togglePrevMonth" class="yui3-button">Toggle Previous Month's Dates</button><br>
        <button id="toggleNextMonth" class="yui3-button">Toggle Next Month's Dates</button><br>
        Selected date: <span id="selecteddate"></span>


The wrapper must be modified to load yui-nodejs (EDIT : and maybe yui-log-nodejs too) on server side only :frowning:
Message sent by mail to Kyle who seems not to be here …


Do you have any update?


I know this topic is kinda old but I faced the same problem in the last days and since I didn’t find any reliable solution I ended up building my own solution on top of

It relies upon the idea that there are at least 2 roles, admin and user.

every event belongs to an Admin AND it may belongs to a user or not. An admin can edit all the events and the user can only edit it’s own. A user can see other events which belong to a certain admin BUT it can only see details and edit those events who also belongs to the user himself.

If anyone could be interested I would be happy share my code on github


I’m looking for a Meteor calendar/booking system, so it would be great if you could share your code.


Pls do share the code


I am interested in this as well. All of the examples I have found that use are either using the Session which is not used in meteor anymore, or do not give enough implementation information.