Is there any function called when execute?

Hello, i wonder if there’s any function like beforeSend in jquery $.ajax in Meteor, i want to implement a loading bar in my app and the loader component will be called every time triggered. Is there any solution could help me achieve this?

If you use meteor validated-method package to define your method, you can use mixins functions for hooks like pre, post , etc
Many third party packages provide many functions like that :


You could easily write your own monkey patch of so you can intercept it:

const _origMeteorCall =; = function(name, ...args) {
  // if it's a function, the last argument is the result callback,
  // not a parameter to the remote method.
  let callback;
  if (args.length && typeof args[args.length - 1] === 'function') {
    callback = args.pop();
  return, name, ...args, (err, res) => {
      callback && callback(err, res);

There is also this package…