Is there any Kurento activity around the Meteor community yet?

I wonder if anyone here has already had a look at Kurento Media Server and probably played around a bit with it? For those who don’t know it yet: Kurento is an open source Media Server with WebRTC capabilities. It’s also able to modify, convert and record streaming video and audio as well as publishing it to many (like in live video/audio streaming).

They offer libraries for Java and Javascript (node and clientside). For people more experienced with integrating node stuff into meteor this wouldn’t probably be a big problem - i’m currently still struggling to get a good scope of kurento. I have a Kurento server running and looked at the tutorial but don’t currently see how to get the libraries into meteor to try it out there.

I could imagine this beeing a great backend for webrtc applications and think Meteor could be a great partner to it.

What do you think?


Hey! I’m using Kurento for a project alongside Meteor and would be launching it soon. I’ll also post on my blog about how to integrate the two very soon!

so you are trying to get clicks to your invite-only blog or what is the actual point? :slight_smile:

:smiley: Damn! I’m not that good at the Settings menu I guess. Anyway, public now. But I’ll really post on Kurento+Meteor soon and it’ll be awesome.

it would have been really clever to post here AFTER you posted to your blog…but hey, that’s just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

So any one has posted any blog regarding Kurento implementation in meteor app.
I am looking for many to many video calls using Kurento.

I used Kurento media server in my project about 1-2 years ago, i think is really great stuff for WebRTC.

Think this is good idea use Kurento + Meteor.

I would like to see more people here who used Kurento + Meteor

Did that post ever happen :slight_smile: