Is there any official Meteor Slack group?

I’ve been recently using Meteor to develop web apps and I’m really in love with it! At the same time I’ve been learning Elixir and Phoenix and the thing that I like the most about them is the community and the interaction with them through Slack (tool that I use every single day). Is there any possibility to create an official Meteor Slack group opened for the community?

No it’s not. The reason is - Slack may be nice for small communities, but sucks for big ones. You can get to know the official MDG voice here:

You may find several unofficial Slack groups around the net. Official group with users limit wouldn’t make sense anyways, as it would be already full.

You can also check out Gitter room for Meteor and #meteor channel at Freenode IRC server.

For the next time, I’d suggest searching the forums before asking such questions. I mean, Slack is popular enough that one could expect others to ask the same question in the past.

Meteor Club by @joshowens :slight_smile:

@agarcia038 How do you find Phoenix so far?