Is there any package for charts

can any one give me some information about chart package.
i want to make standing bar chart and a pie chart…

give me info about package and demo link.

thank you…

There are several JavaScript chart libraries available. I recommend starting with the following:

There are Meteor packages for both of those projects:

In general, you can include nearly any JavaScript charting library in your project by simply including the source files somewhere in client-side code.

Have you checked atmosphere? Many repos also include demo links/code samples.

In meteor 1.3 I use the npm package - both, in blaze and react.

And there’s a 1.2 package if you don’t want to use npm:

yes i checked atmosphere i found popular package named maazalik:highcharts. but there is only one example for only pie chart only… and there is no documentation about it for extra potions for different kind of charts…

where can i find example code…??

On the project page - first link i provided.

If you’re interested in using Highcarts, there was some discussion about it (with a couple small working examples) in this post:

The examples show how to configure Highcharts with Meteor. For Highchart config options, check the Highcharts API docs.

thank you … i was looking for this api link…

i was using high chart … but the package description only gives pie chart example…
and i cannot find a way to make different type of charts thank you for sharing api link… it gives all information about all kinds of input for input data…

I am using High Charts and React with this NPM module:

Take your pick from this list:

The more popular the one you choose, the easier it will be to find docs and examples - most of the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can speak to - it’s more ‘batteries included’,

D3 may be more performant but you gotta do everything yourself.

Not recommending including a charting lib in your site without code splitting.

Also, react-sparklines.