Is there any reference to collections kept internally by Meteor?


I am experimenting with dynamically created collections, which necessitates that some kind of reference to them be kept and updated somewhere.
I have looked through the code of the mongo package, apparently, nothing there. Same with the Meteor object server side.

So, before I go about creating my own way to manage that, have I missed something ? Has anyone figured out a simple way to do that, using the basic packages ?
Basically, what I’d want is that, whenever new Mongo.Collection('name') is called, something like Meteor._collections['name'] would point to this newly created collection.


Is this what you’re looking for ?


Well, kinda. My question was about the existence of that functionality (which is indeed exactly what your package does) in the core of Meteor, but I’ll take your answer as a no.
So, thanks ! :smiley:

Edit : Using Meteor for 3+ years now… Has anything cool NOT been done by cult-of-coders ? You guys are everywhere :smiley:


Yes, there’s one final thing NOT DONE YET that will revolutionise the way we think about applications, and the speed we’re building them. It’s the “Big Bang” generator, it has been show-cased in the last Meteor Night.