Is there any way to silence out meteor's client bundle in prod?

My theory is that Meteor is loosing client-side battle :frowning: . We have much better solutions, such as webpack with HMR and many goodies and plugins. Meteor is still hands down the best server framework out there, no doubt and makes life easier to have client and server in a single place. But the fact the vision of it is still a FULL STACK framework, cripples adoption of outside solutions, at the expense of thinking more about devops and others.

The problem I’m facing is that when I write client-side-code I still have too much Meteor code in it:


Meteor ocuppies the rest 35.2%, and we’re using none of it. We want to keep our client completely decoupled from Meteor as we don’t need it (using Apollo)

One problem was the fact that it was super hard to opt-out of ddp, that’s how arose, however it’s a hack. It’s nasty. It shouldn’t be like this.

My questions
Is there anyway to simply opt-out of the Meteor’s client bundle ? Just don’t add it ?

Is there anyway to bypass Meteor’s way of rendering, and just hack WebApp to render my own index.html and .js ? So I can have a separate client-webpack but still benefit of a single deployment strategy ?

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