Is there any work being on the on reloader?


I had a brief stint with meteor before hopping over to apollo-server/client, but I really found meteor a lot easier to use.

My biggest pain point was simply the reloader’s speed. Compared to your standard hot reloader in a react app, it was super slow.

Does anyone know if any work is being done in this area? I understand most of the meteor group is over at apollo, but again, meteor’s much easier to use.


Reval may speed things up for you:

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Sadly, reval doesn’t work with React yet!


There was a ton of work done by @zodern for Meteor 1.8.1 (especially on Windows). It’s much faster now.

There’s also work under way to decouple server and client refreshes, based on the graph of which files change - so if you have files which are only linked in the client bundle, it will only refresh the client, and the same for the server. That should speed many things up. It hasn’t merged yet, but to answer your question - yes, there is work being done to address the speed of refresh.

I would love to see a React hot-reload solution on Meteor. I don’t know of any method to get that other than switching to webpack for client builds.

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