Is there any workaround to the Mongo _id field type limitation?


I am using Meteor with a pre-existing database which uses custom objects in the _id field. I have defined the structure with Meteor like this:

_id: {
type: Object,
label: “ID”

“_id.templateId” : {
type: String,
label: “Template ID”,
optional: false

“_id.locale”: {
type: String,
optional: false

However, when I try to use the collection, I get an error stating that “Meteor does not currently support objects other than ObjectID as ids.”

Is there a workaround which would allow me to use this collection in Meteor without having to change the existing database?


Sounds like example use for good old Cursor.observe and low level publish API :smiley:


Hello shock, could you explain comome do to fix it? :slight_smile: I’m new on Meteor framework!
Thank You!



I don’t think that is going to help… He is trying to use an Object inside _id filed of a document, which Meteors Mongo driver doesn’t support currently!

I think you’ll have to change your document structure…


So I can not do anything? :frowning:


if you just wanna play around with the data then you could write a node.js script to migrate the collection(s) and omit the _id