Is there anyway subscribed data is stored to local?

like my title
Is there anyway subscribed data is stored to local?
so when I refresh the page or app, it will only check minor change in server and client.
it will very useful for Master Data or References Data.
for example Country data, so client doesn’t need to re-subscribe as long as no changes in server.

for now I use SubsManager. but it only useful as long as the client not refreshed.

My users have a habit to often open in new tab, so the SubsManager feels useless here.


Is there anyone try this for my case?

I guess you would have to implement that on your own, using some king of state management tool like Redux (with redux-persist probably?). I don’t think it would take a lot of effort to achieve that.

From my point of view, having this feature implemented natively in Meteor could have a lot problems, as each use case might have their own needs regarding storage rules (If Meteor loses connectivity, should the local state be cleaned? How much data each subscription would be allowed to store? If user logouts, what would happen?).

I guess even a meteor package might have problems adding this abstraction.

Don’t you think you would get more power and flexibility by implementing this from your side?

PS: I’ve used SubsManager in the past but decided to leave it. Things got obscure for other developers in the team to understand what was going on.

Yes - I use this sometimes when I am building a cart object a user adds things to like purchases. When they check out I pass the thing to my back end which validates ( they could change prices etc on the client nefariously) then persists the thing etc

In this scenario the cart is virtual till they commit it with payment so you don’t have stale sessions u have to clean up etc.

There are also scenarios where this whole approach might be a bad idea LOL

But there is an example of use.