Is there anyway to define MONGO_URL in app?

I’m trying to p!ay around with the JXcore extension for Plesk. It’d be a massive boost if I could get it running as I could manage many vhosts running a meteor app but setting of environmental variables seems to be the biggest stumbling block. Anyone have any experience with this? What iff I define the MONGO URL as an ENV.variable in main.js?

The environment variable must be set before the call to connect to your database. The problem lies in the fact that any code that you run will run after this so setting it in code won’t work. You’re probably going to want to set it up in /etc/profile or in a new file inside /etc/profile.d

@copleykj Thanks for your response. I’ve been thinking that was what was needed, so just to confirm I CAN set environmental variables using static files?

I’ve never used plesk but assuming you are using a UNIX like OS then I would say yes.